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Completed projects

  • OOO "SNG"
    Manufacturing and supplying boards for automation of boiler room operation
  • OOO Gazpromneft - Development
    Manufacture and supply of a system for measuring the quantity and quality indicators (SIKN).
  • LLC "Vyartsilya Vostok"
    Production and delivery. Receiver for compressed air with a volume of 2 m?
  • JSC FGC UES - Northern PES
    Work on the preparation of the IRD and the expansion of the glades of 220 kV high voltage lines RP-Pervomaysky-Plesetsk (Luch-1, 2)
  • JSC FGC UES - MES North-West
    Reconstruction of a 220 kV overhead line from the Pervomaysky-Plesetsk overhead line with unsolders at SS Savino and PS Obozerskaya (Luch - 1, 2), bringing the width of the glade to standard values (OES 7th edition)
  • Kolpino State District Power Plant
    Supply and installation of auxiliary equipment. PGU with a power of .220 MW; 180 MW
  • JSC IDGC of the North-West
    Turnkey construction. Contract No. 124 dated July 28, 2008 "Construction of a 110 kV overhead line from 110/35/10 kV Substation Progress - a tap on the Moshenskoye Substation, reconstruction of Progress 110/35/10 kV Substation for OAO IDGC North-West (VL110kV construction, supply of materials.)
  • JSC FGC UES - CIUS North-West
    Turnkey construction. Development of design documentation for the title: “Replacement of the autotransformer AT-1 to PS 330 kV Tikhvin-Liteyny”
  • Branch of IDGC of Center - Yarenergo
    Construction of turnkey 110/6/6 kV Kotorosl substation and 110 kV overhead line approaches to 110/6/6 kV Kotorosl substation
  • Oblenergoresurs LLC
    Turnkey construction. A set of technical support services for the preparation and maintenance of design work on the project: 110/6/6 kV substation Kotorosl, Yaroslavl 110/6/6 kV Kotorosl for the needs of OAO IDGC Center Yarenergo
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