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In Rostov-on-Don, public discussions were held on the results of design surveys conducted by Institute “GazEnergoProject” LLC for an MSW landfill located in the North-Western part of the city


On July 21, 2020, in Rostov-on-Don, public hearings were held on the results of surveys conducted by Institute “GazEnergoProject” LLC, the project decisions made, and the results of environmental impact assessment for the state environmental examination object: “Reclamation of Land Plots of a Domestic Solid Waste Landfill Located in the North-Western Industrial Zone of Rostov-on-Don”, including the terms of reference for environmental impact assessment and materials for environmental impact assessment (EIA).



The Commission for public discussions established by the city administration included representatives of the administration, public environmental organizations, and the scientific community. The Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Rostov Region was also invited.



Information about the discussions was brought to the public in various media publications.



According to the surveys conducted by Institute “GazEnergoProject” LLC, the reclamation of the MSW landfill should be carried out in accordance with generally accepted approaches to work that reduce the negative impact on environmental components at such facilities.



Reclamation of the landfill is planned to be carried out in two stages: technical and biological one.


Based on the results of the environmental impact assessment, the Institute's experts drew the following conclusions:

  • The implementation of the planned activity has an acceptable impact on environmental components if the project decisions are followed and the measures proposed in the project are implemented to minimize or eliminate negative consequences.
  • Reclamation of the MSW landfill is appropriate from an environmental and economic point of view.



 Pavel Viktorovich Sokolov, chief project engineer of Institute “GazEnergoProject” LLC, gave a positive assessment of the discussions: “There was a professional, constructive, businesslike, and interested atmosphere at the hearings. All questions were relevant and concerned the submitted materials. We tried to give as detailed explanations as possible.”



Like every object of environmental damage accumulated, the MSW landfill in Rostov-on-Don has its own features.


“The object we worked with is quite complex, both in terms of volume and configuration. In addition, the climate is unusual for us: it is quite dry. All this has its impact.


Solutions that we propose to apply based on the surveys carried out and the specifics of this object are set out and justified in the project documentation. I hope that our arguments were heard,” Pavel Viktorovich Sokolov said.



If there are no additional comments, the documentation developed by the Institute “GazEnergoProject” will be sent to the State Environmental Examination after one month.




Brief information about the reclamation object:



The domestic solid waste landfill located in the North-Western part of Rostov-on-Don was intended for the disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) of hazardous classes IV–V.


  • The landfill is located on several land plots with a total area of 50 ha.
  • The total volume of disposed waste is 12 million m³.
  • The maximum height of the pile is 30 m.



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