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GC Corporation “Gazenergostroy” endorsed the Blue Scarf patriotic campaign @world_blue_scarf of the Russkaya Zemlya charity fund by donating protective gift sets for the older generation and veterans in honor of the Victory Day.


The Blue Scarf program features a series of events held both in Russia and abroad. It was arranged to involve young and older generations in preserving the historical memory of women's feat during the Great Patriotic War both on the battlefields and in the rear. This campaign urges you to remember the women's role in the revival of the country over the post-war period. Over 100,000 members have already joined the program.


The campaign organizers and members will present veterans with the things that are of high importance for our health today: masks and sanitizers. The campaign symbols, a blue scarf and a greeting card, will be given as part of the gift; they will warm hearts during these hard times.


 ️“Blue Scarf of Victory” alcohol-free sanitizers included in gift sets are produced by Ecoguard Research and Production Association @ ecoguard_moscow on the basis of essential oils and organic acids.


In total, 5 tons of sanitizers will be given to veterans.

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